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Thirty three years ago, Viet Nam Era Marine Corps captain Don Broadwell visited a career counselor to rid himself of the only leader model he knew -- Top-Down, or Command-and-Control.  There he learned about collaborating with followers so the group could decide together. "And the best way to learn it is to teach it."

Early Efforts

   Don began his teaching career in church basements starting in 1984. These were done on an offering basis until he moved to Seattle Pacific University in 1991. There Don's clients were primarily teachers, leading him to his great affection, children. He knew if he could get educators to model the new leadership, his teachers could prepare children for their uniquely collaborative future in the workplace. 

Don's Dream: School Restructuring

Thirty years of research shows the primary contributor to student learning is the relationship among teacher and child. Don's work has proven this over and again. His dream is to place the collaborative overlay in an entire school, leading not just to healthy relationships, but also to education reform. "COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP FOR CLASSROOM AND SCHOOL" speaks to this dream.

Author earns publisher's award

Maple Valley’s Don Broadwell has earned iUniverse’s Editor’s Choice Award for his second published work. Each month, the prize goes to what editors name the top one-half of one percent prior to publication. Collaborative Leadership for Classroom and School traces leader thought from the Pre-Christian Era through Don’s present-day remodeling of established Situational Leadership. Readers will recognize the handprints of Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard as Broadwell revises their model from its traditional bell curve into a linear framework with 24 leader styles. Don argues that collaborative leading is the new leverage that can produce students of high achievement while preparing them for a future in their decidedly interactive workplace. His main thrust is to pry school reform away from right wing pundits and return it to educators, where it belongs. Collaborative Leadership for Classroom and School can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble simply by searching the author’s name.



Powerful and compelling, Don Broadwell has addressed the major challenges students and teachers in our schools confront daily! Collaborative leadership in the classroom and the schools offers a path that educators can follow to bring out the healthy values of today’s children and give them a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves. It will provide the social bonding that will keep our youth enthusiastic, lifelong learners, who will remain in school. The author provides a brief history of leadership styles from pre-Christian times to the present. Collaboration is discussed at length and the reader will have a clear understanding on how to use collaboration as a leadership style in the classroom. A chapter is devoted to flex leading, demonstrating authority and collaboration are both starting places for leaders and can be used simultaneously. It’s not another “one style fits all”! The author effectively and innovatively addresses the challenges faced with “millennial” children and the challenges todays teachers face. Issues with the No Child Left Behind Act are reviewed and an exciting, effective, and innovative solution is provided to positively confront the challenges faced by educators and schools today! An outstanding example of research, scholarship, and analysis, this book should not only be used by educators but is extremely relevant to business, industry, and governmental organizations! 

John Okerman

Teacher (elementary and secondary), School Administrator (Vice Principal)

Colonel, USMC (Retired) 

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